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First impression last – something that homeowners and designers know too well. A grand entrance hall should reflect your personality and give visitors the best first impression they can possibly have; flair, elegance and sophistication. Make a stunning statement from oversized trees to a sleek console table and a gallery wall, there’s a little something for every size, style and budget. Read on and get inspired to give your own entryway a stylish refresh.

Big and BoldStunning-ways-to-style-your-entryway-lifestylenoted-interior-design

Photo: Prime Resi & Wall Mirrors

An entryway is a perfect transitory spot for going bold with your decorating choices. A statement mirror, gorgeous sleek table, a bold art piece or sculpture are just a few and quickest ways to accomplish this.

Pick a PaletteStunning-ways-to-style-your-entryway-lifestylenoted-interior-design

Photo: Fantasia & Traci Zeller

Interior design elements play a great role in the overall look of the space. A fantastic way to set the entry hall apart from the adjoining rooms is through paint selection. For instance, a bright feature wall can act as a great backdrop for furniture and accessories in that space and pulls the look together, whilst a neutral wall allows each piece of furniture to stand out.

Add PersonalityStunning-ways-to-style-your-entryway-lifestylenoted-interior-design

Photo: RH & Dig Gardens

Accents pieces and décor details in your entryway help to elevate the overall ambiance and also sends a message that you have a playful and charming side. Lovely finds from the flea market and souvenirs could be just the thing to add personality to your entrance hall.

What design tricks have you used for your entrance hall? Do share!

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